How to Write an Essay on Gender and Sexuality?

In a rapidly changing world, gender roles have transformed a lot of times. Men and women enjoyed different sets of rights and freedoms, and that’s why the latter needed to demand them. Women accomplished a lot during their fight for equality, and we cannot overlook their efforts or underestimate them. Thus, to raise young people’s awareness of gender issues, students all over the world get writing assignments on this topic. Still, producing a quality gender and sexuality essay is a tough task for many, so I decided to gather the most effective tips for you to use and share.

Select an exciting topic

First of all, to complete an A+ gender essay, you should choose an interesting topic. The issue you will write about should be disputable, worrying, or related to you in some way, so that you could dive into it deeply. It is great if your instructor does not limit you in your essay topic choice or allows you to choose one from the list. Below, you can see the most popular gender and sexuality topics:

  • Gender stereotypes;
  • Gender-based violence;
  • Promotion of equal opportunities for men and women;
  • Empowerment of women;
  • Transgender people acceptance;
  • Gender roles and children upbringing;
  • Gender mainstreaming, etc.

Ask for your professor’s help

Next, you have to understand the paper guidelines and deadlines to follow. Do not hesitate to contact your teacher, professor, or teaching assistant to make these details clear: they are crucial for managing your time and getting a high grade for your paper. Head to their office for a consultation on essay writing or ask any question during the class. Your instructor will not refuse to help you.

Research it well

Once you know when the paper is due and what instructions you should follow, start researching your topic. To find reputable sources on your topic, use all available methods and tools: a school and scientific libraries, Netflix, YouTube, etc. While working with reference materials, make notes, draw mind maps and schemes to remember the most relevant facts and figures for your future arguments.

Write an outline

Are your research notes done? Great! Now, it’s time to put them into use by creating an essay outline and adding them to it. I advise you to write a detailed plan for your essay where all key thoughts will be explained in a few sentences. Thus, you will not need to recall any phrase from your outline once you start writing. Instead, all your arguments, evidence pieces, and quotes will be saved in one place.

Develop your thesis statement

Since you’ve read a lot of information on your essay topic, you might have understood what the central thought of your essay would be. Now, it’s time to shape your essay thesis statement. My advice will be to dedicate some time to this step and not rush. If you have limited time for writing your paper, consider contacting write my essay service for help. The company’s writers can craft not only a thesis statement for you but also a whole paper if you need it.

Reveal your arguments 

Once your thesis statement is done, go on to writing body paragraphs. Keep in mind that your arguments should be presented one-by-one, followed by relevant pieces of evidence. Therefore, do not hope to put all your reasoning in one paragraph: one argument plus the supporting information make one paragraph, e.g. if you have three key arguments, then you will need to write three body paragraphs.

Make your introduction correspond to your thesis

At this point, you have your thesis statement and body paragraphs finished, so now I suggest to work on the introduction. Here, you need to write engaging opening lines to draw the audience’s attention to the issue you are discussing. Then, write one or two facts or figures confirming your words, and finish the introduction with your thesis statement. Bingo!

Work on the concluding paragraph

Your gender and sexuality essay is almost done, can you believe it? Only a few things left to do, and one of them is a conclusion. In this part, you should summarize the results of your research and highlight them briefly. Keep in mind that you cannot add any new information in this section or repeat your introduction. Your final thoughts should be written in other words but bear the same meaning as the arguments in the body.

Edit it all

You’ve done a good job; however, your piece is still the first draft and it needs to be polished to receive the highest grade. ‘What should I do?’, you wonder. Now it’s time for essay proofreading and editing. While working on your paper, you have made some punctuation and grammar mistakes, and that’s okay: no one writes a perfect piece from the first attempt. Hence, have a rest and correct your paper with a fresh eye. If you do it, your grade will improve dramatically.

Check the citation style

Finally, the last thing you need to do about your essay is get back to the initial instructions from your professor and check the font size and citation style. Ignoring this may cost your paper a few points and lower your final grade, so why would you miss this step?

Congratulations! Your gender essay is ready to be submitted to your professor. Do not wait until the due date and print your essay now to hand it in as soon as possible. If you can submit it online, do it today and cross this task out of your planner as completed.